It’s Always About the Children


Trump continues the four-year tradition of foreign leaders inserting themselves into Syria’s labyrinth-like war.  The chemical attack against Syrian rebel forces, was the worst the area has seen in years. International outrage came swiftly. Trump defined his decision to drop United States missiles and destroy the Syrian airbase as a strong response to this attack.

The international community needed to respond to this horrifying attack against civilians. I don’t agree an attack made solely by the US was the correct answer. If the US wanted a strong response against Assad, a united response including Congress and the UN would have added substance to this decision.

Now, instead of standing together against Assad, the US is forced to defend the attack. Some of the questions facing Trump-Was the attack more political than humanitarian? Trump looks strong while the present administration faces scrutiny about their relationship with Russia and Putin. Or worse, is Trump deflecting the questions on Russia with an attack? A tactic he’s mastered.

The problem I have with the US attack on the Syrian airfield, isn’t the action, but Trump’s response.

If Trump wanted to send a strong response to Assad and the world, why is he hiding behind a child? He told the world  this was a response to an attack on “innocent civilians…even on beautiful babies.” I truly believe the chemical attack moved him. But he must understand civilians and yes, even babies, will forever be the victims of poor decisions made by their leaders.

Does Trump care about the children’s lives? Maybe, probably yes. The pictures were horrifying. Was his reason for invading Syria humanitarian? No, I don’t believe him.

He held the power to save those beautiful babies, but he chose to ignore them. These are the same innocent civilians he banned from entering the US.

If he cares about children, why does he also ignore the needs of the children here?

His proposed attack on the Federal Budget, cuts $54 billion “to large parts of the federal government.” This offsets spending in the defense department. The only agencies not facing cuts or program eliminations are-Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs.  Is this the action taken by a President who cares about children? I guess removing housing, education, medical care, transportation, and food from families will make America great again.

His strong response to refugees, the budget, and the Syrian government ignores the innocents.

This is not the response of a strong leader I can believe in.


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